Friday, November 13, 2009

Girls vs. Boys

by Smedley
Age 8 1/2

(Photo stolen from these guys)

There once were three NASTY boys, which none of the school kids liked. Their names were Mitchell, Davey, and Aaron.

Aaron was so terribly awful, and he LOVED to beat up little girls of his age. Yet the teachers always had the girls in trouble, because Aaron, Mitchell and Davey always said they never, ever, ever did it.

So the teachers loved the boys and not the girls. So the girls were forbidden from school forever. The people of the town called them little liars.

There were only three girls left in the school. They NEVER told on the boys because they knew their future if they tattled.

Then one day they could bear it no longer. "The boys will not attack us nor pick on us any further," said Louise, one of the three.

So they finally told the teachers. "They have been lying this whole time!" said Marie, another girl.

"You believe us, don't you?" asked Jane. "Do you?"

The teachers said they believed the girls, but they must have a battle to see who leaves school forever. The girls told all of the other boys to vote, to vote for who should win. Everyone said "boys."

Except one. He was a very, very gloomy boy that had no friends. He chose girls. Some kids had a nickname for him, and one of them was Sicky. His real name was Dick. Poor Dick.

The battle was over. The boys had won. The girls needed to go home and stay home forever. But as they walked away, the boys caught them and beat them! The teachers saw it, and now the girls got to come back to school, ALL of them, and the three boys went home.


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